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Melbourne 3 Month Film Course  (View More)
Tuesday 31st May – Tuesday 5th September
Carlton – Melbourne – VIC

Saturday 18th June – Friday 30th September
Brisbane CBD – Qld


  • Our Three Month Film Course Venue is centrally located in Melbourne – Leicester St, Carlton, with the best Film Instructors 
  • Spread over Three Months, the Film Course teaches you how to be a Professional Film Director and Film Maker
  • This means that you will make and crew on an actual film production
  • You are on a real film set shooting your film professionally
  • You will direct real actors on film set on location
  • You will get to learn about and do all of the Crew roles - Camera, Sound Recording & Boom, Lighting, Continuity and more
  • Hands on and Practical with professional Film equipment
  • After the Three Month Film Course, you are invited to join the Indie Film Club for ongoing support, productions and work
  • At the end of the course, you will receive the Film Directors Film Certificate
  • You will have your film to show to your friends and associates at the end of the course
  • The most effective and exceptional Film Course for Beginners or Emerging Film Makers who want to make films professionally


 Phone: 1 800 13 11 66 (Free Call)

1098029_10151785930311273_1601068698_n-300x225Independent Film Makers BLOG by Colm O’Murchu

Colm O’Murchu owns Sydney Film Base and the Independent Film Centre located at 1 Villiers Street, Parramatta.

He is an active film maker who directed and wrote The Makeover 95 minute motion picture and Dealing with Destiny.

You can see the Trailers in Films on this Website. In October he will shoot the $2.2 Million motion picture Absolute Freedom shooting in the USA and in the Australian Outback. He still finds time to teach some sessions on the Three Month Film Production Course. The blog covers how to make your films, the independent Film Market and how to improve the quality of your films. This is a must for the emerging film maker.

The Full Costs and Income of a £1million Indie Film

Here is a post published by the AFM which I thought was very interesting. Rarely, do we get an insight into the sales and budgets of $1 million film. Article courtesy of the AFM ref Film Maker and how he … Continue reading

Marking a shot on Day in the Life

Three Tips for finding the Best Locations

  Locations, and finding them for a film, is one of the easiest parts of preparing a film production . There are three different ways to find location Pay a Location Scout to go out and source your locations Via word of … Continue reading

Shailla Quadra - award winning actress

Casting – The Core of Your Film

If the Screenplay is the blueprint for your film, casting is the core.  Audiences are drawn into high quality stories; however, they connect with the film via your cast.  This is an area tech savvy film-makers often blow. You will … Continue reading


Screenplay and Formatting Properly

How to write a professional Screenplay.  Part 2: Checklist before you start to write your screenplay.  You have totally worked out your story, step by step. You have all the main dramatic scenes checked The Story has being checked and double … Continue reading


How to Make your Film Professional

I would like to go into detail about making, directing and producing  a professional film. There are 12 steps that one needs to pay particular attention to when creating a professional film.  If any one of them is deficient the … Continue reading

movie review

MovieRaves Two Films that I very much enjoyed in the cinema

The last Melbourne 4 Month Film Course of 2014  starts today Tuesday August 26th 2014  and the final  Sydney Film Course of 2014 starts soon on Thursday October 2nd 2014.  We do have a social event for film networkers and … Continue reading


Three ways to produce a great edit and make your film work.

I am writing about editing a film today because it is close to my heart.  I feel so many times a film is made or broken in the edit.  In my personal opinion, it is the most challenging and difficult … Continue reading


Five Great reasons to visit Myanmar (Burma), a travel experience with a difference.

It’s two weeks since my last post and Valeska and  I have finally arrived back from Myanmar (Burma).  I thought that this week, I would write about the experience of travel and the fun of going to a country that … Continue reading


Greetings from Burma – 5 Attributes you must have if you want millions of people to see your work.

I am out of town this week.  Yes, I am currently on a bus travelling between Yangoon and Bagan in Burma (Myanmar). As always, I have my camera shooting as much as I can of what I see on the … Continue reading


How to Produce Stellar Actor Performances – 4 Areas that the Film Director needs to Focus On

To people in the know, film making is a Director and Editor’s Medium.  What is meant by this statement, is that the screen actor who acts in the film is only one of many contributors to the whole process.  However, … Continue reading

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