Please read the Film Directors E Book about how Famous Film Directors such as Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings) , Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction) and Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Alien ) made it in the film business and what you can learn from them. Model the best and you will attract success. Fill in details in yellow box. 

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Welcome to Australian Film Base

The Home of the Best Film Courses in Australia.  

My name is Colm O’Murchu , Head Film Instructor at Australian Film Base. I know it may be a big promise but enroll on one of our practical hands-on film courses and you will change your life dramatically with a new passion, friends and the ability to  make professional films.


Booming on one of our Practical Film Courses

Our  Practical Hands On Film Courses

are designed for maximum impact and effect. Our goal is to make you the emerging or beginner film maker into one of the Film Director / Producer Stars of tomorrow. We train you in how to make professional films that get noticed by the world.

Film Courses in 2014


  • The Melbourne 4 Month Film School
    Tuesday Night 3rd June – Tuesday Night 3rd October 2014
    University of Melbourne 220 Leicester Street
    Carlton VICFor Details on our Melbourne 4 Month Film School Click on all of the  following  links for details 
  • Online Film School
    Learn how to produce your own film
    Please click on above  link for further information


Previous Film Course Participants talking about  our 4 Month Film School


 We deliver the following:

  1. Our Top Quality 4 Month Film School  
  2. Part time Saturdays and Tuesday Nights so you can keep the Day Job.
  3. Transforming the amateur  into a professional film maker
  4. Ongoing support & Employment opportunities via our Hot Talent Club.
  5. Consultations reference your film projects or career.

First 2 Minutes of one of our Film Course Films –  Repressed 

 Special Notes:

  1. All our courses are part time and after hours so you can keep your day job till you are earning a living from Film Making
  2. Our courses are designed for impact and speed learning. We promise you will learn as much part time as you will in an expensive full time course
  3. Our courses are practical and hands on
  4. Our courses teach you how to produce, write, direct and sell your film by actually doing all of the above on our course.


Our Film Directors Blog – Suggested Reading (Click on Link)


One of our Feature Film Productions, “The Makeover”

Winner New York Film Festival – Best Comedy Drama – Sold in US and Europe


OUR FREE E-BOOK How to become a Top Film Director.

This E Book shows you how to become a top film director.

There are Four Case Studies of Top Film Directors: Quentin Tarantino, Peter Jackson, Ridley Scott and Philip Noyce.

From their first short film to their Oscar wins and box office smashes, this E Book shows you how they made it!

Please note that it is important to find out how successful directors made it so YOU can be inspired and also know how to create YOUR OWN film career.

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